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SFR- Condorcet Conference

I was in SFR-Condorcet Conference few weeks ago. SFR Condorcet is a federative research structure  recognized by the French National Reaserch Council (CNRS). From its website, we can learn that this structure consists of twenty-two entities including research universities, INRA, CNRS, major engineering schools and industry partners. In total, the FRS involves approximately 400 members and The objective of the FRS Condorcet is to pool together skills and expertise present in the research laboratories (public and private) working in the field of agro-science and localized in Champagne Ardenne, in Picardy and in Wallonia. For more information please click for the website SFR Condorcet.

The conference was really well organized with plenary sessions followed by oral presentations and poster session. It  was both professionally and personally rewarding. I want to conclude with one other issue that is very important to me. During this conference, I received the « Best Oral Presentation »  prize. I would like to thank to my colleagues for our work and to organizers and member of jury for their interest.

Mehmet Nail NASIR
During the reception with colleagues at the conference hall, Compiègne , France

Before Starting

Hello everybody,

Welcome to my blog about  biochemistry and biophysics.

Why create a blog on biochemistry and biophysics ? I do not have a specific answer to the question. However, I can say that I would like to share my point of view about matters pertaining to this field and  also doing that for the non-biochemists. Although I am not a native English-speaker, I will try to write in English in the order to reach more people. Sometimes, I will also try to publish in French and in Turkish.

Before starting I would like to thank you for your interest 🙂