Dutch Biophysics 2014 : Views and Insights

As I announced few days ago, I have been in Dutch Biophysics 2014 Conference held in Veldhoven. The conference was bigger than I expected. Naturally, there was a lot researchers from Netherlands, from neighbouring countries and also from the UK, Canada etc. Some excited topics related to Biophysics have been covered during the conference. I have only taken excerpts from certain presentations by invited speakers.  Peter Tieleman gave a presentation on the study of the he thermodynamics and mechanism of defect formation in lipid layers by computer simulations using coarse-grained simulations with the MARTINI model. He shown that it is possible to analyze the behavior of lipid monolayers. Their recent work is published in JACS and entitled  « Lipid Organization of the Plasma Membrane ». Alexander Kros gave a presentation entitled « Understanding membrane fusion using a biomimetic model system ». His team works on the lipid fusion process with  a special focus on peptide-peptide and peptide-lipid interactions and recently on the live cells-liposome fusion. The other exciting conference was given by Antoinette Kilian on the ability of copolymers of styrene and maleic acid  to solubilize membranes in the form of nanodiscs. This is very important because it allows to purify membrane proteins without detergents. I attend this conference to present  our works on bolaamphiphile molecules which could be potential drug delivers.

Dutch Biophysics 2014
Dutch Biophysics 2014 

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